Pretty little liars... Till death do us part.

Written by Michael Emmanuel.


Four liars began this movie and ended in five, the pretty little liars have been one of the best movies I have watched so far, even though it is an old movie.This movie talks about the four teenage girls(Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily) whose darkest secrets were about to unravel, and stood by each other no matter their fate. In this movie, there were lots of issues, which normally result in death. This series started with the liars presuming that Alison is missing and could be dead. Alison played a bossy and bitchy role in these movie before she faced her biggest fear, the anonymous A.

Mysterious A tormented Alison and almost got her killed. After she disappeared, her friends:Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer began to get texts from A. They all thought it was Alison who was playing with them. After the faked burial of Alison Dilaurentis, the girls began to face their punishment. They all had secrets and we’re all scared of them unraveling.From the beginning of this movie, there has been a threat and an antagonist, first beginning with Mona Vanderwaal, also known as A, she played a big role in being A. She started the A team and played with the four liars, to get back at them for what Alison Dilaurentis did.

Mona strived for revenge in this movie, from seasons 1–2. In the beginning, she was known to be Loser Mona and had no friends until Alison got missing and was assumed dead, then she became Hanna’s best friend and lost Hanna to her friends, which drove her insane. After Mona was identified as A and locked up at Radley Sanitarium
for intense psychiatrist care, she was there, someone took up the game as Big A, but fully known as Charlotte Dilaurentis, Alison’s sister. Charlotte didn’t seek any revenge, all she did was play with them all.

The final series(Till death do us part) concluded with the third and final A/ Uber A/ AD, who was later revealed to be Alex Drake, daughter of Mary Drake, half-sister of Charlotte Dilaurentis/ Cece Drake, and twin sister to Spencer Hastings.Alex Drake’s motive at first was to figure out who killed her sister Charlotte, so she decided to drag the liars into it including Alison. This part of the movie drove all to keep secrets from each other. At first, they all suspended that it was Aria and then Erza, they got lost and confused in trying to figure out who killed Charlotte. AD got impatient and went rogue by stealing Emily’s egg and using it to impregnate Alison. The liars began to face another crisis. They tried to figure out who AD could be, they had their haunts but couldn’t give them what they were searching for. While they were still searching, AD had a plan of her own, which was getting help from the inside. She threatened Aria to join the A team or Ezra goes to jail. Aria had no choice but to do what she was told to do, this cause a huge problem for the rest of her friends, which they hated her for.

After the five liars figured out who killed Charlotte and ended the game for AD, they all moved on with their lives, Hanna got married to Caleb, Emily and Alison got engaged with their babies, Aria and Ezra were planning their wedding and their honeymoon, they all hoped that they were free not knowing that AD had another plan.

Alex took everything to the next level, by impersonating her doppelganger Spencer Hastings and locking her up. Alex fell in love with Toby while pretending to be Spencer, who Toby loves, she asked Mona to be her eyes around where the liars are. They all thought they were happy and together but didn’t know that someone was missing. No one could figure out that it was Spencer.

Alex told her story to Spencer after she kidnapped her with the help of Mona and kidnapped Ezra cause he almost figured out who she was, Alex thought Mona was playing the game with her, but not being aware that she was playing to beat her, after Aria wedding which the groom didn’t attend, everyone got so worried about his way about.

Everything was going smoothly until she blew her cover and Jenna figured it out and told Toby, with the help of Mona, who figure out her hiding spot, then they went to go rescue Spencer and Ezra. Alex didn’t want Spencer to live to see another day, so she chased after her after she escaped on her own. In summary, all that happened in this episode, was Alex got arrested likewise Mary, their five best friends later had their happy ending.

The summary of the three antagonist in this movie will commence in my next blog, followed by the cast.



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